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Breast Cancer Comfort


The Breast Cancer Comfort Site helps breast cancer patients celebrate and embrace all facets of survival.

Breast Cancer Comfort Site was established in 2009 by triple negative breast cancer survivors Elizabeth Sargent and Melanie A. Nix who survived the disease in their 30s. The women conceptualized a wellspring of lessons and guidance for breast cancer patients to plant new seeds and flourish during and after breast cancer treatment. In helping breast cancer survivors plant new seeds, Elizabeth and Melanie act as guides, cheerleaders, consultants and advisors offering life coaching and mentorship.

The Breast Cancer Comfort Site vision: to provide the currency of hope, determination, inspiration and perspective while changing the tone and the tenor of the conversation.

They are frequent speakers addressing a range of topics including Making Personal Choices When You Have the Breast Cancer Gene; Planning for Today and Living for Today; Rebuilding Mind, Body and Spirit; and Moving Forward After Survival. For more information or to book a speaker, please visit the Speakers Page of this site.

Elizabeth’s and Melanie’s survival stories have been profiled on numerous news and radio shows as well as in cancer reports. They have delivered rousing messages of fortitude to the survival, medical and research community.