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Elizabeth and Melanie speak about lessons they’ve learned in their diverse life experiences that include their breast cancer journeys, managing grief and survival, restoration and renewal and fearless living. They have spoken in a variety of venues including live television, health conferences and symposia, and corporate meetings. Their powerful and uplifting stories allow them to bestow profound and timeless messages. Below are a sampling of their speaking topics.


  • My Everest — visioning by accident
  • Suffering the is weightlifting of our Souls — we make a muscle by tearing it.
  • Finding your Why.
  • Aqui Estamos.  Vamos Adelante.  Todo esta bien.
  • Shakespeare’s Sister
  • Happy Pigs and Questioning Socrates and how this helps you to be your best Self
  • A Room of One’s Own Revisited — from Virginia Woolf to Reality TV Housewives
  • 7 great things about losing your hair — you can do this too


  • The Genes We Have and the Choices We Make – Hereditary Cancer: Exploring Options and Making Decisions That Work for You and Your Family
  • What’s Next For Me – The Bad, The Good and The Great
  • Giving Yourself Permission to Change: Making Radical Changes and Coloring Outside of the Lines in the New Normal
  • Survival and the Motivation Factor
  • Living Beautifully and Redesigning Your Life
  • Advocating for your Health
  • Reconstructing…Everything
  • SOS – (the) Side Effects of Survival
  • Soul of a Survivor
  • Hindsight and Foresight

Speaking Highlights

Melanie delivers keynote speech at National Cancer Survivors Day(r) Celebration on Sunday, June 3, 2018

Melanie is keynote speaker at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Institute JamesCare for Life 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Survivorship Conference. View the conference agenda.

Melanie speaks about her breast cancer experience on TALK on DCN:

head-logoMelanie A. Nix is a featured speaker at the Young Survival Coalition YSC Summit delivering a General Session Address (You, Now – Living Life After a Cancer Diagnosis) and two Breakout Session discussions (Advocacy: Taking the Reins and Leading the Movement and For Women of Color). View Melanie Speaking.

NMA Annual ConventionMelanie A. Nix shares her story “A Long, Long Way from Home” as a featured speaker at The Auxiliary to the National Medical Association 2014 Annual Convention Workshop II: “Women’s Health: My Triple Negative Breast Cancer Story” – August 6, 2014

See Melanie speaking at the Rally for Medical Research, Washington, DC – April 8, 2013

See Melanie speaking at the American Association for Cancer Research Cancer Progress Report 2012 Press Conference on September 12, 2012. View the entire press conference. (Melanie’s speech starts at 26:22.)