Holding on to Hope – Improbable but Not Impossible

I’ve heard before “sometimes hope is all we have.”  I believe it.  I’m an adult but, at times, have the childlike hopefulness to believe when there seems to be no reason to believe.

I got my kids some snow scooters this past Christmas, but we haven’t seen enough snow this season to use them.  Every forecast of snow came and went with only a dusting of snow.  It seemed that it might be time to put the snow scooters, and all our snow toys, in “storage” until next winter and look forward to springtime games.  My winter boots were ripped and I thought I should get rid of them, but held on thinking they could be useful in case we got that one snow enough for snow games.

winter boots

snow toys


As we approached the start of spring, with a forecast of snow, I was doubtful; thinking I should write it off like the other few almost snowstorms.  Last night, we got a little more than a dusting, but not enough for the snow toys.  I woke to clear streets and much of the same.  But, at 8am this morning, almost to the minute of the forecast, it began to snow steadily and then heavily.  By noon, we had more than enough springtime snow to use our snow toys.

snow patrol clnsnow patrol klnsnow patrol man

My kids had fun but, truthfully, me, the big kid, probably had the most fun.  A day I thought I wouldn’t see for a few more seasons arrived later than expected, but gave me the thrill and excitement that, as a child and an adult, I’ve always loved.


Meteorologists said we haven’t had a recorded spring snow like this in about 50 years.  Glad I didn’t get rid of my boots.  Glad I kept hoping.  Improbable, but not impossible.

winter snow

Melanie A. Nix – Triple negative breast cancer survivor.  Resilience Coach and Reconstructionist™ chronicling life after a breast cancer diagnosis.  Sharing my musings on the life lessons I’ve learned from the wild ride of the highs, lows, ordinary and extraordinary in every day.  Living my manifesto, Soul of a Survivor, and always striving to color outside of the lines when defining my new normal.

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